About me, an adventurous girl

I’m a 29 year old girl sharing tips, tricks, photos, info and links on my voyages as an International traveler working on my MFA in Web Design & New Media in San Francisco. This website is full of information and links on my voyages as I write-up my experiences in the blog section. I am a frugal traveler who wants to get the most out of life and the wonderful environment around us. Follow me on twitter to keep updated on my progress!



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My yorkie, the sweetest dog – he’s always by my side enjoying everything life has to offer as much as I do

Why cloudshadows.com? Cloud Shadows is a term I came up with after enjoying the impression that the shadow of a cloud casts on earth. I’ve seen many cloud shadows and have documented a few events and find it a beautiful occurrence. These shadows have fueled inspiration in my everyday life showing the importance of nature and living.

An example of a cloud shadow from my window on a trip to Maui, Hawaii:

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